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Manuka Honey can be used for many things.  It can be eaten for internal use or simply used as a table honey.  It tastes great, like other honeys, and can be used for cooking purposes.  You can also put Manuka honey in your skin to achieve a variety of different results.  Either way, it’s extremely healthy and has many beneficial qualities.  

Manuka honey is perfectly safe to use for any reason.  It can be used by diabetics, just as long as it’s not ingested in excess.  It is safe for topical use on infants but children under the age of 12 months old should never ingest honey of any kind.  Always check with your doctor if you have any doubts.  

There are studies that have been done on Manuka honey at universities and research institutions around the world.  These studies explain in detail, all that Manuka honey is capable of accomplishing.  It is recommended that anyone interested in using Manuka honey read what has been discovered about Manuka honey before utilizing it for their own purposes.   

We also discourage self-diagnoses.  Even though the internet has an infinite amount of information about health and wellness, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before undergoing any kind of treatment, even if it’s the use of a natural remedy.  If you inaccurately diagnose a health condition and then try to treat it yourself, you could be treating the wrong condition.  

Manuka honey is good for many different situations but it is not a cure-all or miracle treatment.  Many doctors are trained to believe in pharmaceuticals.  Some more progressive doctors are now warming up to the idea of using Manuka honey.  Either way, it’s always good to know your options.  

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